In the ever-changing Real Estate industry, smart realtors will consider joining MAGSEN to maximize income and minimize office expenses.

In MAGSEN, we provide realtors with:

  • 100% Commission
  • Mortgage brokerage assistance
  • Co-Listing and Team-up opportunities
  • Free Name exposure on Magsen Website
  • Free virtual sales and educational meetings
  • Free access to Magsen two owned offices in Vancouver and Richmond
  • Full accounting support
  • Quick Commission Payment
  • Extra earnings from Referral Program
  • 24/7 sales support from 3 Managing Broker
  • Sales Training for new Licensees
  • Free parking at offices in Vancouver and Richmond
  • Free Magsen email address
  • Free mail slots
  • Free use of meeting room (by registration)
  • Free sales forms from Magsen website
  • Rental management services for realtors’ landlord clients

For detailed information, please call 604-872-3218 and contact:

Richard Cheung
Managing Broker
604-872-3218 ext. 333
Maurice Yu
Managing Broker
604-872-3218 ext. 288
Billy Yu
Managing Broker
604-872-3218 ext. 228